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Ignite XDS Discovery – Six Meetings that Identify Growth Potential


Would you leave on a cross-country road trip without a navigation system, map, or a clear destination? Probably not. Yet, many business owners set out to grow their companies based on promises and recommendations, navigating the complexities of high-tech tactics and marketing services providers with no idea where it may take them.

Let’s pause and think logically about this—it makes no sense at all!

At Ignite XDS, we practice a form of operational marketing, a time-tested methodology that believes every facet of your business affects the customer experience. We recognize that marketing cannot exist in a silo; rather it requires a holistic approach woven throughout the organization.

In a world saturated with marketing noise, Ignite XDS stands out by challenging clients not just to think differently but to grow differently—predictably and intentionally!

The Ignite XDS onboarding process for new clients kicks off with a Discovery Phase consisting of six meetings, each with specific outcomes in mind. The primary goal is to determine if the business and its leadership team are capable of growth. Defining the initial roadmap, including strengths, weaknesses, and the competitive landscape, is the cornerstone to predictable growth and effective strategic marketing.

Our discovery process isn't intended to be an easy process — rather it's a powerful catalyst for transformative change and it all begins with six meetings.

The Ignite XDS Discovery Process: A Catalyst for Transformative Change

  • Meeting 1: Overview & Setting the Stage - In this initial meeting, we explore your value proposition, business model, organizational structure, financial position, and growth goals from a 30,000-ft. perspective. We set a marker around which future meetings will pivot.
  • Meeting 2: Customer Exploration - We dive into your customers and WHY you think they buy from you. Exploring potential customer journeys and discussing the importance of customer segmentation and personas, we reveal how simple changes can turn buyers into valuable brand ambassadors.
  • Meeting 3: Sales and Marketing Alignment -We evaluate your current sales and marketing tactics and initiatives. How do you go-to-market? What success have you seen as a result? What failures? Diving a bit deeper, we’ll identify missing elements and necessary changes that set the stage for impactful growth.
  • Meeting 4: The Competitive Landscape & Strategic Positioning - In the fourth meeting we will identify key competitors, analyze market positioning, and evaluate existing market strategies. Afterall if this were a football game, we’d watch the game-film wouldn’t we?
  • Meeting 5: Operations and Culture Deep Dive - New clients often express concerns about customer churn, where existing customers leave at a rate similar to new customer acquisition. It's crucial to assess if you can sustain the customer experience that initially attracted and fueled your growth. Any negative changes in this experience can damage your brand, leading customers to exit. The ability to grow is intricately linked to maintaining a positive team culture and operational capability. Understanding whether your operations can uphold the customer experience is essential, as changes in it can affect both your brand and growth potential.
  • Meeting 6: The Recap, Establishing a LaunchPad for Growth via Position Identification, Message Development and Process Implementation - The Ignite XDS Discovery Phase concludes with a thorough half-day meeting, summarizing insights gained during the process. This session instills confidence in our chosen direction. Depending on the circumstances, we may temporarily halt growth plans to address organizational deficiencies that demand immediate attention. Alternatively, if actionable items are identified, they can be promptly addressed, allowing for a direct and proactive approach to growth and marketing velocity. Regardless, our clients always gain valuable insights into their companies.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It:

"As a new client of Ignite XDS, we have been profoundly impressed with their comprehensive discovery process. This initial phase was eye-opening, revealing several opportunities within our organization that we had previously overlooked. The team at Ignite XDS demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand the intricacies of our business and identify areas where we could innovate and grow. Their thorough approach in this early stage has laid a strong foundation for our partnership and has already begun to transform the way we approach our marketing strategy and customer engagement. It's rare to find a partner who can so quickly and effectively align with our goals and offer such valuable insights." 

- Mike Johnson, President – Performance Food Service – Tampa

Will You Grow or Stay the Same?

The Ignite XDS method unabashedly guides your company to deliver an enhanced customer experience, elevating the perceived value of your products or services, ultimately fostering a willingness among customers to invest more in what you offer.

Ironically, we’ve found that strategically crafted, customer-first processes often result in streamlined operational activities, reduced costs, and, best of all, they deliver a product or service of higher value. Our clients often experience a significant bottom line improvement when they implement our method before they ever add a single new customer.

It all begins with the Ignite XDS Discovery Phase…will you GROW significantly? Or will you stay on your current path?

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Ignite XDS practices a form of operational marketing whereby we believe every facet of your business has an effect on the customer experience your company delivers. We recognize that marketing cannot be conducted in a silo, but rather requires a holistic approach that is woven throughout the organization.